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Edafeks provides software applications review services and focused custom software development. Our expertise is in the Open Source space specializing on the Java platform and associated frameworks.

Review Services:
We use a custom, templatized approach and an independent pair of eyes to determine the current state of the software and its surrounding processes. We respect our clients hard work, but believe there is an added value in reviewing all aspects of the software early and often.

Our services include:
- Development Process Review
- Quality Assurance Process Review
- Deployment Process Review
- Physical Architecture Review
- Software Architecture Review
- Database Architecture Review
- Code Review

Custom Software Development Services:
We build custom software applications based on the Java platform. We are typically involved in the entire software process or could address just a specific phase. Our preference is project ownership. We work closely with the clients to understand the requirements and come up with an effective roadmap and a plan of attack that will meet clients' budget and timeline.

Our services include:
- Discovery Phase (stakeholder interviews, planning, scoping, cost analysis, etc)
- Configuration (environment setup, process tools setup, etc)
- Design and Architecture (wireframes, design and architecture artifacts, test plan, training plan, etc)
- Implementation (coding, unit testing, release)
- Testing (black box, white box, load, profiling, functional, integration, etc)
- Training (online, video, documentation, etc)
- Deployment (go live, support)
- Maintenance (bug fixing, additional requirements, etc)

Yevgeni Kovelman
Yevgeni Kovelman
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